Warning Signs of Lung Cancer

Normal cough is mostly been avoided by all of us because of hectic work load and busy schedule. This shouldn’t be taken normal because it leads to serious and major disease Lung Cancer. The most prominent Warning signs of Lung cancer include short breath, mucus with blood, chest pain and severe cough. Lung cancer is significantly noticed by the uncontrolled cell growth in the lungs tissues. The main cause of this disease is the tobacco smoking and air pollution that incorporate fumes, vehicle smoke and dust. Some genetic factors also create the cause of lung cancer but most probably the above mentioned are the prominent warning signs of lung cancer.

Treatments and precautions for lung cancer

Although lung cancer has very prominent symptoms and at initial stages it is recognized but some people have been diagnosed on the last stage resulting death. Consultation with the doctor must be planned when symptoms are diagnosed of lung cancer. Doctor prescribe the medication after complete checkup of health condition, the type and stage of the lung cancer and suggestion has been given like surgery, chemotherapy, drug therapy and radiation therapy.

Early Signs of Lung Cancer

Surgery effect: If the stage of lung cancer can be relieved by surgery then surgeon works to omit lung cancer and margin to healthy tissues. The surgery may be very risky it may leads to infections or death. Surgery under goes wedge resection, segmental resection, lobectomy and pneumonectomy. The surgeon may also refer a respiratory therapist for guidance in breathing exercises that can improve the disease soon.

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Chemotherapy effect: Chemotherapy refers to drugs for cancer relief intravenously or orally. This process may take weeks or months to recover as it makes the patient too much weak.

Radiation effect: This therapy has high powered energy beams to kill the cancer cells. Radiations are been directed at lung cancer externally with the help of injected needles. Generally this therapy is treated after surgery to burst the minor remaining cancer cells. In certain cases radiation therapy is operated directly for treating the lung cancer.

Targeted drug effect: This is the latest cancer treatment which is specifically used in certain abnormalities in collaboration with chemotherapy drugs.

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