Tips to Build Strong and Healthy Bones

Healthy bones work like building blocks for our body. They give support, shape and protection to our body and walk side by side with us for whole life. That’s why it is really important that all of us must know the Best Tips to build strong and Healthy bones. As they are our companion of all the activities of routine like walking, running and moving here and there. The framework of bones keep safe and secure all the internal organs of our body so that we can function properly.  The two key nutrients for strong and healthy bones are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium provides protection and support to our bones while vitamin D amends the growth and secretion of calcium to make bones working long lasting. Building bones becomes slow down after the age of 30 years, so the best time to make them strong is adolescence and adultness.

Best foods to build strong and healthy bones

Healthy bones may secure us from many mishaps like joint pain, arthritis and fractures. Here are the recommended foods and Best Tips to build strong and Healthy bones that must be consumed.

Foods enrich in Calcium

Booting diet of calcium will prove a strong kick to strengthen the bones. It is the most important mineral which help in the development of bones and teeth.Food items such as milk, yogurt, spinach and other green vegetables. In case of too low calcium doctors too recommend and prescribe the calcium drugs to bring it in balance.

Intake of vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D both walk side by side. The absorption of calcium is done by vitamin D. The main source of vitamin D is sun which is essential for healthy bones and remodeling the bones structure. Incorporating the foods like cereal, eggs and fruits.

Routine exercises

Though food is a key to our healthy bones but exercise makes the bones working active and long lasting.Setting thirty minutes for regular exercises put the positive impact on our bones.

Potassium and magnesium boosters

Scientifically it is proven that the intake of potassium and magnesium work as a booster for healthy bones especially for women. Vegetables, nuts, whole grains and dietary foods must be added specifically.

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