Importance of Testosterone level in women

Testosterone is a central male hormone that performs a vital function in the growth of male generative tissues. In supplementary they also show their prominent importance in other body functions or simply we can utter that testosterone level is interconnected with all muscular and health functions incorporating the sexual characteristics. Here the question arises that what is the importance of Testosterone level in women? Do women also need to maintain their testosterone level? The answer is yes. Both male and female require to possess sufficient testosterone level to fulfil the needs of life and make it qualitative. Testosterone is discharged by the testicles of male and by ovaries and adrenal glands of female.

Low testosterone level in women

Low testosterone level in women causes the weakness of bones, muscular pain, menopause, mood swings with depression, exhaustion, anxiety and decrease sense and interest of sexual desire. They are have chance of polycystic ovarian syndrome. To avoid such mishaps following boosters can be chosen to balance the testosterone level.

1st Booster: In every meal choose the food that contain good quantity of protein. Watery Fish, poultry eggs and legumes are suggested add in diet on daily bases that aids to boost the testosterone level.

2nd Booster: Herbs are naturally too much beneficial, nutritious and incredible for all diseases. Ginseng herbs which may be adapted in the form of tea powder and capsules or nutritious fruit juices naturally balance the testosterone level that direct works for sex hormones.

3rd Booster: According to the statement of good fats must be included in diet to stimulate the manufacturing of testosterone so make sure that fat in your diet is accomplishing the task to increase their level.

4th Booster: Switch to fitness therapy. At Ball State University, it has been found that “Strength training can induce growth hormone and testosterone release”. Specifically weight lifting workout exceptionally works.

5th Booster: Keep your liver embark. If liver is not functioning properly, its effect fall on the testosterone level. A study in the Journal of Gastroenterology has been published that level of testosterone decreased up to 90 percent if liver disease is detected.


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