How to Heal Pulled Muscles Easily

Pulled muscles or strain muscles are become very painful and difficult to tolerate. It happened because of over stretching or sudden twist and bend of muscles, throwing or carrying something heavy, sudden slip, jump or run are also the major causes of pulled muscles. It takes time of about two to three weeks to heal and bring them in control if we find the Best remedies to know how to heal pulled muscles.This strain may be occurred in any part of the body but mostly people raise this issue and complain in lower back, shoulders and thighs. Moderate pulled muscles pain is easily treated at home using home remedies, although severe may need a proper medication and physiotherapy. It is noticed that effect of pulled muscles is not felt immediately, it emerges slowly and gradually. Its symptoms include swelling, soreness, bruising, stiffness and weakness.

Best treatments for pulled muscles

Mild to severe stiffness and swelling is treated at home on immediate bases as first aid. You can follow the mentioned best remedies to know how to heal pulled muscles.

Icing: Icing massage aids to minimize the swelling, soreness, bleeding and pain. Application of icing must be started after sustaining the pulled muscles. It gives relief and comfort.

Amiable stretching: Gentle stretch and flexibility is very important for the pulled muscles. It soon leads to the normal condition of muscles and routine activities.

Take rest: it is normal that pulled muscles will not let us perform our regular tasks. On early stage taking rest is recommended depending on the percentage of pain.

Anti-inflammatory medicines: medicines which are anti-inflammatory in quality are preferred to alleviate soreness and pain.

Warm up relief: Scientifically proven that the chances of stiffness and swelling of muscles are very low if body and muscles remain warm. This strategy is possible if we keep on certain work outs continue and plan exercises on daily bases. In case of pulled muscles, soaking a warm bath for ten to fifteen minutes will aid in swelling and pain.


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