Endometriosis in Women, Causes and Solution

Endometriosis is a painful disorder caused by abnormal development of endometrial cells. It is most common problem of women involves ovaries, Fallopian tube and tissues lining of pelvis as well as bladder and vagina. The condition develops when  the tissues of the uterus linings start extending outside the uterus. The most effecting reaction of these tissues are in the menstrual cycle and on the uterus lining which bitterly causes marks and bleeding. Treatment for Endometriosis in women must be taken on priority bases. Endometriosis in women results the painful sex, pelvic pain, immense cramps, fatigue and distended feeling. It also leads to the infertility which can be the major issue. During menstrual cycle these tissues reacts too much which is the most common sign of Endometriosis.

Endometriosis in women

Causes and Solution of Endometriosis

Causes: Although many theories have been conducted to rectify the cause of Endometriosis but there isn’t any confirmed phenomenon or theory regarding this condition but it must be noted that Treatment for Endometriosis in women is not any unresolved matter.

  1. Xenoestrogens which are considered as endometriosis hormones, are exactly resembling to the estrogen (Female sex hormone). With the stimulation of both Xenoestrogens and estrogen, growth of uterus lining tissues occurs, resulting Endometriosis.
  2. Heredity performs the significant role in the cause of Endometriosis. Doctors investigate and ensures the availability of such cells are may since birth.
  3. Menstrual blood is also thought the main cause of endometriosis as it contain endometrial cells. During its period of two or three days the blood flows back from the fallopian tubes instead of to eliminate outside.

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It is not mandatory that women who are facing the problem of hormone imbalance or improper menstrual cycle will come across the Endometriosis, it could be because of unhygienic nutrition or certain routine activities.

  1. BodyLogicMD Therapy is a natural hormone therapy that aids in the leveling of endometriosis hormones and bring them to the normal level.
  2. Nutritious balance must be appropriate as diet is a doctor itself. Suggested to pick the foods enrich in vitamins and minerals. This sufficiently control the disease to provoke.
  3. Consultation with physician is required if pain become over counter means remain more than two days and resist to routine activities.

Source: medicinenet.com

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