Effects & Prevention from Air pollution

Air pollution is one of the catastrophic condition of our environment. It harmfully and injurious effect on our health and surroundings incorporating plants and animals. The Causes and Prevention from Air pollution are not concealed, the only matter is to follow the instruction. Air pollutants are both natural and man made like vehicle fumes, smoke, dust storm, factory construction, and ashes are continuously in process naturally or by human activities, they cannot be stopped or buried but indoor and outdoor precautions must be taken on priority bases.Air pollution gradually causes many severe disorders regarding our health including asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis and give slow poison to our central nervous system that leads further to the suffocations and then death. The matter of global warming is increasing day by day because the healing power of earth’s atmosphere is effecting, the ozone layer’s damage has been detected and harmful radiations are deadly damaging the capacity of this protecting layer. All these are the bitter effects of air pollution.

Best controlling ways to prevent air pollution:

There are hundreds of Causes, effects and Prevention from pollution but following are the top most important precautions against air pollution which are easy to avail and provide.


“Grow more plants” is a common slogan usually works effectively. Plantation is the most powerful tool which stands firmly against the air pollution. They absorb carbon dioxide and noise and keep the air clean and fresh.

Switch the Transport

It is suggested to switch the transport from private to public to prevent fumes and toxic smoke extracted from vehicles. It also controls the traffic problems and saves our time. Another strategy is to hire any bus or specific vehicle to pick and drop the employees and reduce the chances of air pollution.

Facilitate yourself

Personal care should be on top priority. Obviously attend the job and going out for amusements are part of life that cannot be neglected. Smoke mask are suggested to use while travelling out specifically on motorcycles and open head conveyances.


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