Ear Neatness is Essential to Prevent Deafness

All parts of our body are in a mechanism and interacted with each other. They are as precious as diamond. We need to take care of them with heart and soul to enjoy and utilize their long lasting effects. Literally like other parts of body, ear is also the best blessing of God. Ear neatness is essential to prevent deafness in all ages. Ear possess the sense of hearing so the air neatness is not limited for any age. From the sound of rain drop to the singing of beautiful birds, the cackling of goose, the siren of ambulance or the cry of baby, all can be listened with our natural blessing, the ear with its hearing sense. Supplementary ear aids in balancing too, specifically during walking somewhere. The minor infection and carelessness may lead to the major problems of ear like deafness, dizziness, irritation, infection and nausea.

Convenient directions for ear neatness

Inside the ear, there are too much sensitive layers. The precautions and remedies must be preferred to neat the ear as it contain germs, dust, wax and other bacteria. They can primarily attack on the inner ear which is so sensitive. Especially Ear neatness is essential to prevent deafness in all ages.

Swipe away dust and germs

The outer surface and entrance hole of an ear is suggested to clean with cotton bud slightly dipped into coconut oil. It swipe away all the dust, germs and bacteria. Better to do this hygienic practice before bath at least once a week.

Wax cleaning

It has been observed generally people are trying to swipe away the ear wax with any cotton stick, bobby pin or pen nib, which is really a major mistake and stupidity. In this way unwillingly but in fact we are pushing the ear wax deeper inside instead of exhaling outside which can create infections. For this purpose, drop few drops of baby oil inside the ear with the help of syringe. Close the hole with soft cotton. Leave your tilt head for fifteen minutes and let the oil soften the blockage of wax. Later on remove the cotton and pour some drops of mild warm water inside and shake the ear using towel or handkerchief. This will flush out all the frozen and excess wax.


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