Best ways to Veil Dark Circles under Eyes

Our face works like a mirror. It shows all the happy, sad, worried and confused expressions. When it comes on the dark circles or dark rings, it appears and reflects that something went wrong. There are multiple causes of dark circles. Either we didn’t sleep well or may be wept a lot or may be its cause is low intake of fruits, vegetables and other important nutrients. In this article you will find the Best ways to veil dark circles under eyes. The mentioned causes are most common but rarely it can be the heredity factor too in which deficiency of blood is incorporated. Generally it is not the main issue and no need to entertain doctors and waste time and money. The matter of dark circles easily can be balanced with home remedies on immediate bases.

Home remedies for dark circles:

Below you can find the Best ways to veil dark circles under eyes:

Almond oil

Almond is naturally enrich in effective ingredients. Almond oil possess the property to delicate the skin. Simply before going to bed apply almond oil on dark circles and massage gently.

Cucumber extract

Cucumber possess excess amount of water and have soothing and refreshing effect. By keeping its slices over dark circles we will provide excess amount of water and lightening effect to eyes and reduce dark circles.

Potato effect

Potato in raw condition miraculously works for dark circles. It possess bleaching effects naturally. It can be used in dual forms i.e slices or juice form. Let the potato extract on your eyes and dark circles for fifteen minutes and see the magic.

Rose nectar

Nature has blessed us with millions of hidden treasures and rose is one of them. In many cosmetic products for skin care, rose water is used. It contain mild astringent qualities that gives soothing and refreshing effect to our skin. Rose water is most commonly used to reduce dark circles. Simply soak up the cotton buds in rose water and place them over eyes for few minutes. It purify your eyes and aids to remove dark circles.

Tomato puree

Puree of tomato work for skin on great extent. Its use will certainly reduce the dark circles and give refreshing skin. Its slices are also utilized for same purpose.

Lemon extract

Lemon is enrich in vitamin C and possess skin lightning properties. Its massage on whole skin gives marvelous results especially under eyes. When lemon juice is mixed with turmeric and applied on dark circles including whole face and neck, its results are noticeable.

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